Dog sitting on scales

A series of three large animal platform scales, designed to weigh moving animals up to 350 KG or 700 LBS.

The LVS350 is the standard unit. The LVS-XL350 offers a super-sized weighing platform. Both models of the LVS series feature a large sturdily mounted stainless-steel weighing platform, designed to be used with the rubber mat provided. The LC-VS180 is our low cost unit with a lightweight but sturdy high-density non-slip plastic weighing platform.

As the animal moves on the platform, the intelligent weighing machine uses dynamic weighing processes to average out the weight from a series of instant measurements. Once completed, the HOLD function freezes the result on the wall-mounted display.


The LVS and LC-VS series are calibrated at the factory and should generally not need re-calibration. However, the unique Anycal® calibration software enables the user to calibrate the scale using any known mass – perhaps even the user’s own weight or a bag of feed.

Product Features

  • 1" LCD w/ backlight
  • AD update speed: 10HZ
  • Rubber mat, rollers and handles
  • ANYCAL Calibration software
  • AC Adapter and rechargeable battery / 6 Dry AA Cells (LC-VS) included
  • Units: kg, lb
Model Capacity Readability Weighing platform size Euro (€) Sterling (£)
LVS 350 350kg 0.1kg 970 x 510 mm stainless steel platform €255.00
LVS-XL 350 350kg 0.1kg 1120 x 560 mm stainless steel platform €355.00 £295.00
LC-VS 180 180kg 0.05kg 965 x 510 mm ABS plastic platform €220.00 £185.00
Common Product Features Prices - ex VAT £ & €
Display Selectable auto backlight - Selectable auto shut-off
Accessories included Rubber mat, rollers and handles
Animal weighing Hold function - Peak hold function - Animal weighing mode
Display options 5 digital LCD
AD update speed 10HZ
Software Anycal® calibration software
Dynamic Weighing Animal weighing programme
Power source AC Adapter and rechargeable battery included
Units kg, lb
Shipping Info
Weight per unit 22 - 25kg
Units per carton 1
Units per pallet 20